D&AD New Blood Awards- the Audible brief, secondary title

D&AD is a globally recognized British educational organisation that hosts a number of competitions in design and advertising. One of these competitions is the New Blood Awards, which include briefs for many different companies every year, including Audible.

The challenge was to design a visual identity for a fictional Audible Originals title. There were several fictional titles to chose from. I’ve decided to submit the design for The Faraway title, which you can also find on my portfolio, however, I’ve also designed a cover for the following title:

There’s a Noise in the Shed

Target Audience: Younger families who are listening together and looking to be entertained.

Genre: Fairy Tales/Animal Stories (Audiobook)

Synopsis: Mia’s family have just moved from the bustling city to the countryside and Mia finally has the garden she’s always wanted so she can watch all the animals from her window. But there’s one thing she doesn’t like in her new garden… the shed. Every time she goes outside, she hears different noises coming from the shed and she starts to imagine what might be inside.

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